Help: FAQ

  • Where do I go to purchase my online tickets?

    Click on the menu item, PURCHASE TICKETS, at the top left of the black menu bar on top. You will be directed to our online store where tickets and passes can be purchased. From there, the process is secure and straight forward, not unlike any other e-commerce website you’ve used in the past.

  • How are my tickets delivered?

    Within a minute of completing your payment, the tickets will be emailed to you. From there, you can print your tickets or present an image of them via your smartphone screen at the gate.

    If your tickets aren’t in your email Inbox within two minutes of completing the transaction, be sure to check your Trash or Spam folders. While we’ve taken significant measures to ensure tickets arrive in your Inbox, there may be rare cases where an email program doesn’t behave correctly.

  • How close to the start time of an event may I purchase tickets online?

    Assuming tickets for your event are not sold out, you may purchase them online up to three hours prior to the start of the event (4:00 PM).

  • I missed the window to purchase tickets online. What can I do?

    Show up at the venue prior to the start of the event. Remaining tickets (if any) can purchased there.

  • What about Covid-19?

    All provincial protocols associated with Covid-19 on the event date will apply.