The Q I Chamber Music Society is continuing to explore how we might offer a festival next summer. In the meantime, we are keeping in touch with our musicians who are proving to be incredibly inspiring as they explore avenues to keep their spirits as well as their music alive and accessible. For this issue, we are featuring violinist, Natasha Hall, a familiar face on the west coast.

At the beginning of March, when restrictions from Covid were beginning to tighten, Natasha moved back to Nelson, BC from London, UK. She spent a lot of time responsibly isolating in nature skiing, backpacking, paddling, surfing, camping and even paragliding! Natasha thought the novelty of spending time exploring the outdoors might wear off after a few months living in the mountains, but it definitely hasn’t! She notes “I’m so grateful to get to live in such a beautiful place.” With an open diary these days, she has had time to learn some solo repertoire that has been on her wish list for a while and practice new skills such as musical improvisation. Natasha has also had time to think about how she might still share her music with others during these unusual times as well as in the future. She has recently played a series of socially distanced house concerts in Calgary and on Bowen Island and truly enjoyed the more intimate concert settings. Natasha notes “It was a real joy connecting with audience members in a more personal way. I’m planning a series of small concerts in the Kootenays in December – all socially distanced, and I look forward to playing in some more unusual settings including a timber framing shop (where I recently worked for a few months), an ashram, possibly a grocery store and a cabin in the woods!” We can’t wait to have Natasha return to the island when we will be transported by her magic.

Natasha’s Website