Catherine and I had the great fortune of being able to “skip” town, just before the Covid-19 lock-down was enforced in Spain. We traveled to the beautiful Spanish countryside and checked into a hotel we love and whose owners we know well. When they were forced to close the hotel two days later, we convinced them that we would be wonderful guardians for the hotel and property. As luck would have it, we were invited to stay.

We felt so blessed being in the countryside where we watched the seasons change, observed flowers grow and bloom, listened to the birds, relished the silence, and enjoyed a large property on which we roamed freely. We took full advantage of being fully immersed in our natural surroundings.

You on the West Coast can appreciate what this means and which may be the chief reason you have chosen to live where you do. As musicians, we are obliged to be tied to a city center and sometimes forget what it means to be constantly surrounded by natural beauty.

Professionally speaking, things were desperate. Concerts, festivals, tours, everything was cancelled. But in many other ways, it became a very special time. We learned how to stay in touch with our audiences through videos which we recorded ourselves (which is always VERY constructive), we practiced a lot and learned other skills. We were outside A LOT, biking, walking, jogging, looking at the roses, the poppies, the olive and almond trees, even the stars.

We returned to “reality” only two days ago and were very sad to leave our little haven but Barcelona is now unbelievably pleasant with so few people! I know this is all bad for business, including our own. But we can take advantage of the positive things and there are lots!

Warm regards from us!

Kai and Catherine

Kai and Catherine were planning to returned to Quadra Island this summer to participate in the 10th Annual Festival of Chamber Music which has been postponed to July 2021