Daniel Scholz Holding His Viola

I have been quite busy in Winnipeg not only as a performing artist, but as a teacher, coach, and Conductor of the Winnipeg Youth Symphony. I also recently joined the executive board of the Canadian Viola Society as Secretary and am Vice Chair of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s Musicians Committee. The fall started strong with WSO performances entertaining a greatly reduced, but live audience. Youth Symphony was rehearsing in person and I was teaching students in my home. After the long spring and summer of lockdown this seemed acceptable and greatly needed by all of us. However, this situation did not last. So as all artists and many teachers are doing, we turned to virtual platforms for teaching and performing, which in many ways has opened up so many opportunities for students and professionals to collaborate around the country and the world. One of my students in the Youth Symphony composed a piece and every student has recorded their audio and video tracks. Different students are working together to edit the submissions and will produce a final product to be released on social media.

My two sons, who should be at the University of Calgary for bio-chemistry and Ottawa University for bio-pharmaceuticals, are here at home studying. We spent time together this summer doing some major home renovations before they went off to their bedrooms for school! My wife and I have always worked well together in the kitchen, but during the spring she truly developed a culinary passion that continues unabated. Even our boys have gotten into exploring new tastes and ingredients both in creating and consuming! I think the most important thing for me throughout this time has been my family, friends, and the different communities I am fortunate to be a part of across the country. I cannot wait to see everyone again and share our smiles and stories.