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A Sublime Musical Experience in a Gorgeous Natural Setting

Wonderful music performed by virtuoso musicians in unique venues including a winery and an historic church.
People come from far and wide to immerse themselves in this festival of beautiful music and island magic.
This intimate festival presents a unique opportunity to bring a variety of great musical talent to the island.

Audience and Musicians at Quadra Island Community Centre
Photo by Michael Judge
Courtesy of David Kerr Violins

Live Classical Music in the Summer

The Power of Chamber Music

Why is chamber music so powerful? Because music calls up emotions. Music also validates those emotions, if defying description, if unidentifiable.

In art, this intimacy is rare, that which a small group of musicians provides. At a chamber music concert, a unique event is created in time. It is as if the listener is witnessing a special, indeed shared conversation.

A unique, intimate event as such reminds the listener strongly of her or his uniqueness as a human being. Other than love itself, what better experience could one have?

Chamber music can evoke deep joy, and deep sadness. One eventually gives way to the other, to varying degrees. Chamber music is a precious catalyst for our internal changes.

At the Quadra Island Festival of Chamber Music, it is our imperative to bring you music that has the most potential to induce a transformative experience. You will hear music that brings many a deep, unspoken satisfaction. Sometimes the music will be lighter to evoke a feeling of levity – ear candy, if you would. Perhaps too our musicians will play sentimental music that reminds you of a favourite meal or incredible voyage.

We look forward to our musicians bringing all the riches possible – whether it be from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or later periods – to you, our audience.

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The Quadra Island Chamber Music Society would like to respectfully acknowledge that the annual Festival of Chamber Music has been welcomed in to the traditional territory of the Laichwiltach people. Gelakasla!

The Quadra Island Chamber Music Society